Safe Refine Guide Table

Safe Refine Definition and Guide

Safe refining system in Ragnarok allows you to refine or enhance your weapon without breaking it. The safe refine method will cost more Zeny and Oridicon/Elunium.

NPC Location:
Holgrehenn – Map Prontera
Holgrehenn – Map Prontera
Dean Hill – Map Niffleheim
Lasse – Map Lighthalzen

Safe Refine Table

Refine To LevelEquipment RequiredOrdericon/EluniumZeny Cost
Total26 pcs.190 pcs.6,070,000z


Q. Can we use broken items when safe refining?
A. Yes

Q. Can we apply a discount when refining?
A. Yes, As long you use your furniture to refine your item in the House. There has been also a ‘refine event’ organize by ROM Official in the past that is offering refine discounts.

Q. Can we refine +11 to +15 Items?
A. Safe refinement for this level is not available currently in SEA Server.

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